Flying Free Experience Bundle

Flying Free Experience Bundle

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Experience all of the Flying Free ™ self transformation tools in this bundle. 

Bundle includes:

  • 1 Flying Free Adult Deck
  • 1 Kid Deck
  • 1 91 Day Journal
  • 1 Chakra Guide

This Bundle will save you on cost + you will have all 4 products to start transforming your life and the life of your loved ones! All 3 top items combine chakra connection, essential oils, AFT, Affirmations, Meditation and Chakra Connection/Movement to get you to live your best days in Mind, Body and Soul Connection. The Chakra Guide gives you a deeper look into how all the chakras, affirmations, essential oils, and crystals connect to the human body. The Chakra Guide shares how to use the Flying Free Card Decks and 91 day journal with others.


Other Features in this bundle: 16 page instruction manual for each of the Flying Free Adult deck and the Flying Free Children's Deck.

SAVE $15.00 with this bundle!