Flying Free Journal ( 4 pack)
Flying Free Journal ( 4 pack)

Flying Free Journal ( 4 pack)

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Flying Free Journal is a 13 week/91 day journal that is a blend of Aroma Freedom Technique, Meditation, Essential Oils, Chakra Balance Connection and Affirmations to help transform you to live your best days. The vision of this journal is to "Awaken To Your Purest Potential In Mind, Body & Soul Connection."

There are daily check lists, daily affirmations(connection to 1 of the 7 basic chakras) and space for freely write your thoughts. Day 1 affirmation is connected to Root Chakra, Day 2- Sacral Chakra, Day 3- Solar Plexus Chakra, Day 4 Heart Chakra, Day 5 Throat Chakra, Day 6 3rd Eye Chakra and Day 7 Crown Chakra. This pattern will repeat with different affirmations for 13 weeks.

**The Flying Free Card Decks are not required for this Journal to be successful however it will ENHANCE your experience towards your transformation. Essential Oil recommendations are included in the journal for success during your 13 week journey.

This 4 pack will be 364 days of journaling and transformation.

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