Spiritual Leaders

Spiritual Leaders

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A Collection of Courageous Authors Who are Committed To Leading The Awakening Of Human Consciousness!

Overview below (back cover of the book)

"I believe most of us would agree that we are aware of something intrinsic within us that guides and directs us throughout our lives. Some might call it their dharma, soul, or essence. Others may even call it God or Source or Creator. Call it what you may but it's powerful and its benevolent and its designed to be a source of inspiration, identity and intuition.

That's what the authors of this book have done. They've set aside the fear of the unknown and have embraced their inner knowing within them.

They've become Spiritual Leaders!

I believe inside the page of this book you will find the courage to begin that journey for yourself. My wish is that this book will bless you, guide you and grow you."  Nicole Stevenson (Book Designer)